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PingPlotter Free 5.24.6 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

PingPlotter Free 5.24.6 + Serial Key Free Download 2024

PingPlotter Free

PingPlotter Free 5.24.6 will map the route from your computer to a target and calculate performance metrics that help determine the network issues’ origin. If you can’t run the latest PingPlotter version, you can access older versions via your account page or by entering your license key. Once you’ve downloaded and installed PingPlotter, enter your license key by clicking Help -> Enter License Key. After you’ve entered a valid key, PingPlotter will switch to the correct version. You can also download a version of PingPlotter with embedded license info from your account page.

PingPlotter helps pinpoint network problems in an intuitive graphical way and continues monitoring connections long-term to identify issues. This powerful tool is easy for casual surfers yet robust enough for networking professionals. The table and graph can be customized in various ways (figures displayed, graph color, and more), and when you’re happy, the image or figures may be copied to the clipboard for easy sharing. Test network routes and immediately recognize the source of problems when important websites and internet services need troubleshooting attention.

PingPlotter Cloud and Sidekick are available at Pingplotter. Cloud. Check your inbox for an email containing login instructions. Please email support if you run into trouble. Our Support Team can help you procure new perpetual licenses and custom orders. If you already have a PingPlotter license or subscription, your account page has everything you need to add licenses, activate maintenance, or upgrade versions. You can save results as plain text or as a snapshot of the program window. Ping Plotter Freeware will be of use to system administrators.

PingPlotter Free + License Key Free Download

PingPlotter Free + License Key Free Download tests your network for high latency and packet loss, then graphs the results so you can show qualified professionals exactly when and where problems impact your stream, game, or service. It helps you gather evidence of network problems to show qualified technicians and service providers exactly how to troubleshoot. PingPlotter combines important diagnostic data with easy-to-understand graphs to show where issues occur. The program enables you to track average ping times, and you can set the monitoring period and the interval between pings.

PingPlotter Free captures all data types and makes sharing the results quick and easy. Timelines graph latency and packet loss history in 10-minute intervals. See exactly when connection problems happen. In Ping Plotter Standard, timelines cover unlimited time and can be opened for any hop. It makes getting results quick and easy. The program exports all types of logs, screenshots, and graphs you can send directly to your service provider or other qualified technicians. PingPlotter can also create unique web pages to post on forums or support sites for faster turnaround.

A straightforward interface means you’ll be using the program right away. Enter a target computer or domain name, optionally choose a trace interval (15 options ranging from 1 second to 60 minutes), click Start, and you’re off. The application sends ICMP packets and displays a traceroute-like table of the results, including hop number, IP address, name, and current and average ping time.PingPlotter Free then repeats this process after whatever trace interval you’ve specified; PingPlotter Professional helps IT pros, sysadmins, engineers, and technicians monitor and troubleshoot network connections.

PingPlotter Free + Activation Key 2024

The PingPlotter Free + Activation Key 2024 produces two commercial versions of the program with many more features, both of which can be sampled during the 30-day trial before it reverts to the free build. The Free version includes a 10-minute history graph plus a limited feature set, such as the facility to measure latency and packet loss and trace with ICMP packets.PingPlotter Standard ($39.99) extends your monitoring history to 48 hours, allows tracing by TCP or UDP packets and ICMP, offers customizable alerts to warn you of problems, and more.

By default, the application runs the professional edition of PingPlotter after installation. However, you can switch to the standard edition at startup and restart the tool to use it.PingPlotter Free is a small Windows application that aims to help you trace the route between you and a user-defined address (be it a website, VoIP provider, or online game server). The tool aims to continuously gather and record information about any packet loss. This utility lets you trace the route of packages across the Web. Its interface is not so snazzy-looking as with some analogous programs that draw the packet route on a world map.

The clean feature lineup makes it easier to discover the program’s functions. The tool lets you insert the address you want to trace in a dedicated panel, start or stop the tracing process, and view additional information about the recorded values with a built-in graph displaying real-time data. Displaying a graph of each hop’s average response time and range and a separate timeline that plots your round trip time for the last ten minutes.

Key Features:

  • PingPlotter Freeware allows you to tweak some dedicated parameters before triggering the process, such as the number of times to sample, the delay time between samples (in seconds), and the number of samples included in the graph.
  • The utility continuously processes the user-defined address and displays the results in real time in the main window.
  • You can view data about hops, percentage of lost packets, minimum, maximum, average, current time, IP address, DNS, etc.
  • What’s more, you are allowed to export data to PNG, GIF, or BMP file format, copy the information (text or image) to the clipboard,
  • You can easily paste it into other third-party applications, color the graph background yellow or red if values exceed a user-defined value, and ignore the first hop.
  • See the route packets follow
  • Measure latency and packet loss
  • Ten-minute history graph
  • Watch the performance as it happens
  • Save and reload data
  • Insert Comments
  • ICMP packet support
  • High performance, low overhead engine
  • Uses multiple threads for increased performance
  • Save as an image command
  • Send email command
  • Trace IPv6 addresses

What’s New?

  • Multi-Target Monitoring
  • Latency, Packet Loss, & Jitter
  • Notifications & Automation
  • Sharable Reports
  • Summary Views
  • Local Network Discovery

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • 55MB of disk space (20MB install, 35MB app).
  • This does not include any additional storage for
  • collected PingPlotter Cloud Agent trace data while the Agent was offline.
  • 1 GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM

Serial Key:





Activation Key:





License Key:





Registration Key:





How To Install?

  1. Extract the downloaded files.
  2. If you don’t know how to extract, see this article.
  3. The password to extract will always be:
  4. Run pingplotter_install.exe and install the software.
  5. Open the KEYGEN-FFF.rar and run PingPlotter KEYGEN-FFF.exe.
  6. Use the key generated when asked in your setup.
  7. You now have the full version of PingPlotter Professional installed on your

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