Missive 10.56.2 + Activation Key Free Download 2024

Missive 10.56.2 + Activation Key Free Download 2024


Missive 10.56.2 usually refers to the old-school style of hand-written communication on paper (remember that?), but these days you also might hear an email called a message. No matter how you deliver it, a miss is a message. The noun message comes from the Latin word missus, meaning “to send.” You may have heard the phrase, “fire off a missive,” meaning a note, memo, or dispatch written and sent urgently and conveyed an important message. It might have been a message sent from a commander to the troops, telling them of a change in the battle plan. Or, maybe it was an urgent love letter to the commander’s wife back home, telling her to tie a yellow ribbon around the ole oak tree…

Missive lets teams manage shared inboxes and collaborate around emails. Chat, share attachments, and assign tasks right from your inbox. Use shared labels to organize conversations by project or department. Team inbox and chat tool that empowerment teams to truly collaborate around email, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other communication channels. We redesigned the inbox with a business-first collaborative experience in mind. With Missive, teams focus on growing their business. Streamline your efforts and save time by eliminating the need to switch between applications. With this integration, manage your Close data directly from your Missive email inbox.

Stay organized, manage your sales efforts, and communicate with your contacts while tracking the progress of your opportunities. Missive lets teams manage shared inboxes and collaborate around emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media messages. Chat, share attachments, and assign tasks right from your inbox. Use shared labels to organize conversations by project or department.

Missive + Serial Key Free Download

The Pipedrive integration will let you see your contacts, deals, activities, and notes right in the context of your inbox. You can also create and edit all of those from Missive. All your changes will be synced between the two apps. You can quickly share the integration with the rest of your team from your Missive settings, or your teammates can import their Pipedrive accounts.

The missive is still growing, so sometimes, we run into technical or feature limitations of things they haven’t worked out yet. Also, I don’t like how only the account owner can do certain things. As an administrator, I hate to bother the company owner whenever I need to add a new alias. Missive was launched in 2015 in Quebec City, Canada. It is currently composed of 3 co-founders and two employees. Missive is an app that brings team inboxes and chats under a single roof. It was built with collaboration in mind to centralize your team’s communication.

Without exaggeration, I spent two years testing various email/help-desk solutions for our team before eventually settling on the message. It ticks many boxes: IMAP synch, effortlessly collaborative, customizable rules, and easy escalation pathways. It is also the first tech tool I’ve introduced to our team that most staff love. In less than 24 hours, we went from missing Thunderbird to happily moving everything across. Missive works, and I love it. The Support is also incredibly quick. They are a small team with defined hours, but replies are almost instant within their staffed time-frames. The very few times we have had downtime, they have been all over it (even in the middle of the night)

Missive + License Key 2024

Working together on conversations has never been as easy. Whether the conversation comes from an email, an SMS, or a Facebook message, … you can start collaborating in real-time with your colleagues to provide the best answer. Missive is API- and developer-friendly, making it one of the most customizable tools I’ve encountered. This allows you to create the perfect flow for your business. We replaced our CRM and Support desk using a combination of Missive and homemade databases. This new solution is both cost-efficient and more productive for us. Everything is in one place!

MissiveApp has become my favorite desktop email client. The product is natively web-based, but the Windows client is very fast, easy to use… and offers a real-time connection to Pipedrive (as well as to other popular apps like Trello, Asana, and others). Missive is a collaborative email product: multiple users can “comment” on emails in ways that all users can see. This function is similar to Front in some ways, but Front was designed to be a Helpdesk product, whereas Missive is more like a true email client. I recommend MissiveApp to all my Pipedrive customers.

I have tried every reasonable Android (non-Samsung) email option available, and Missive checks every box for me so that every other application falls short (parenthetical identifies the other apps that fall short). It has a clean interface (BlueMail, AquaMail, Nine, Boxer) with excellent design and no silly extra graphics (Gmail, Spark), customizable swipes that work well (TwoBird, Canary), a free version that meets my needs, and a paid version that doesn’t feel overpriced for what you get (Newton, Hey, OnMail), no “solving email problems” that creates more issues than they resolve (Hey, OnMail, Newton, Spike, Loop).

Key Features:

  • Threaded conversations
  • Comment within email threads and start new chats with focused topics.
  • Assignment
  • Assign conversations and tasks to coworkers right in the context of emails and chats.
  • Shared labels
  • Organize conversations for your whole team or specific people like Sales and Support.
  • collaborative writing
  • Compose emails together, get reviewed in real-time, and share attachments.
  • Read receipts
  • Know exactly if and when recipients read your emails.
  • Send later
  • Draft an email and schedule it to be sent at the right time.
  • snooze
  • Set reminders on emails and chats to clean up your inbox.
  • Pinned conversations
  • Drag important conversations to the sidebar for quick access.
  • On top of that, Missive offers
  • Canned responses: Create templates to save time on repetitive emails
  •  Collaborative writing: Compose emails together and review them in real-time
  •  Read receipts: Know exactly if and when recipients read your emails
  •  Snooze: Set reminders on emails and chats to clean up your inbox
  •  Send later: Draft an email and schedule the send-out time
  •  Rules: Apply filters to archive or assign conversations automatically to anyone in your organization
  •  Auto CC/BCC
  •  Snooze only if nobody replies
  •  Push notifications
  •  Rich text and HTML signatures
  •  Connect with Google
  • Gmail search syntax
  •  Sharable conversation links
  • Unified inbox

What’s New?

  •  Create a rule from a message
  • Setting to change the display of the scroll bars
  •  Support sms:// links in the editor
  •  2FA badge displayed in user list for organization admins
  •  Share conversation banner when adding a comment to a private conversation
  •  Undesired swipes on mobile
  •  Saving images as XML files sometimes
  •  Pressing the Tab to autocomplete an address in the editor
  •  “Show all” in the composer contact sidebar is not working


  • My favorite part of Missive was that we could integrate other programs and platforms into our message.
  • Giving us more abilities than if we were using one program.


  • Because we were integrating other platforms into our Missive use, we would sometimes run into troubles if one platform upgraded and the functionality stopped between the two.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

How To Install?

  1. First of all, download the latest version of Missive from Files10.com.
  2. You can find all available download options for your PC and laptop on this download page.
  3. Then, choose your suitable installer (64-bit, 32-bit, portable, offline, .. etc.) and save it to your device.
  4. After that, start the installation process by double-clicking on the downloaded setup installer.
  5. Now, a screen will appear asking you to confirm the installation.
  6. Click yes.
  7. Finally, follow the instructions given by the installer until you see a confirmation of a successful installation.
  8. Usually, a Finish Button and “Installation completed successfully” message.

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